Journey to Cultural Intelligence

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This AMS, Digital Learning Supplement, e-learning topic; The Journey to Cultural Intelligence, can be used to supplement related course titles found in our full catalog, link to other e-Learning topics creating a personalized learning track, or taken as a standalone experience. This topic will help you to think about how you can apply cultural intelligence. As you expand your global footprint, you become part of a family, a global community of sorts, and an integral part of the mosaic organizations create through diverse and inclusive cultures. The theme of stewardship drives an insatiable appetite for the remarkable service we’re all driven to deliver to our customers. You now carry that message into your career, and have the opportunity to share it with, your peers, co-workers, and customers, through the culture of the company that you keep. Selflessness, humility, awareness, and mindfulness are all core values that you’ll depend upon as you embark, on the journey to cultural intelligence. Participants will enhance their experience by interacting with an imbedded scenario, knowledge quizzes, personal action plan, and by submitting a question to an expert upon completion.

Learning Modules:

  • The Global Mindset
  • The Common Thread to Being Global
  • Applying Cultural Intelligence
  • Addressing Fears that Inhibit Collaboration

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