Whodunit - Murder Mystery - Team Building

Of the many team building exercises, there is one that proves to be most popular and entertaining. Murder mysteries. A “Whodunnit” murder mystery is an interactive team building activity that increases strategic thinking, cultivates stronger relationships, and allows those involved to redefine their perspective. Swapping out the “day-to-day” work regimen for a unique opportunity outside the norm is a fun yet positive way for an inclusive team to reboot their purpose.

Do you want your murder mystery to take place at a luncheon or over cocktails and dinner or throughout a weekend? Would it be at an off-site such as a restaurant, a vintage venue, a hotel, or a country club? What about your theme; James Bond? Or maybe a Brit-box mystery or Sherlock? Or perhaps gambling or embezzling?

Turn your “day-to-day” routine into suspenseful theatrics. Isn’t a ‘stab in the dark’ worth a more cohesive work culture?