Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching is a unique and powerful relationship between a Coachee and a Coach, who is trained to help them pursue their goals with clarity and confidence. Our standardized Coaching Engagement Model (CEM) is built on a three-step process with Reflection, Action, and Ownership at the heart of this accountability-based model.

Our global network of expert coaches has worked with clients in varying stages of their career to help them gain access to their strengths and maximize their personal, professional, and leadership potential in the following categories:

  • Executive Coaching – Enabling leaders to work through difficult decisions, complex planning, and culture change by drawing on our own executive experience across global enterprises.
  • High Potential Coaching – Enabling individuals to maximize potential by clarifying purpose, formalizing goals, building on natural strengths, and reinforcing commitment to professional development.
  • Team Collaboration Coaching – Enabling teams to realize the collective power they have by aligning on the common purpose and objectives, to achieve organizational goals.

Coaches for the above categories are aligned with the Coachee, based on a “Pre-Coaching Survey,” to help understand industry vertical commonality, personality synergies, and to map stated development needs with experience, ensuring the highest impact is achieved. Standard Coaching Program configuration includes 360-degree assessments to baseline the Coachee starting point and to build the most relevant path forward. Dynamic Coaching Reports are generated after each session to continually measure progress along the way. Application Exercises and other custom tools are used to reinforce new skills. The “Plan-Do-Check-Act” approach is undertaken for measurement and for detailing the “Feed-Forward” plan. Each Coaching Program is then supplemented and supported by curated intellectual property, to promote Life-Long Learning in alignment with the Coachee’s journey.

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