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Our highly personalized approach to performance coaching offers a unique blend of structure, creativity, and personal reflection, all tailored to meet your exact growth journey and personal goals. The model and correlating support artifacts below will widen your perspective on the art of coaching and being coached. 

AMS Performance Coaching Engagement Model

Performance Coaching Model

Performance Coaching is a unique and powerful relationship between a Coachee and a Coach, who is trained to help them pursue their goals with clarity and confidence. Our standardized Performance Coaching Engagement Model is built on a three-step process with Reflection, Action, and Ownership at the heart of this accountability-based approach. Our global network of expert coaches has worked with clients in varying stages of their career to help them gain access to their strengths and maximize personal, professional, and leadership potential.

  • Executive Coaching: Enabling leaders to work through difficult decisions, complex planning, and culture change by drawing on our own executive experience across global enterprises.
  • High Potential Coaching: Enabling individuals to maximize potential by clarifying purpose, formalizing goals, building on natural strengths, and reinforcing commitment to professional development.
  • Team Collaboration Coaching: Enabling teams to realize the collective power they have by aligning on the common purpose and objectives, to achieve organizational goals.

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Explore articles, best practices, and others experiences on coaching, being a coach, and designing worldclass coaching models. 

Women and Power

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a method of helping people or teams develop to their full potential within the real-time workplace environment. 


Coaching Program Design Business Model

Coaching Program Design Business Model is a Best Practice that will enable your organization with an internal support system of Coaching tools.

Needs, brand

The Coaching Equation

This article explores the coaching equation in the context of leadership, delves into its role in professional development, and discusses how it can enhance learning and uplift employees in an organization.


Coaching Through the Lens of Philosophy

Coaching Through the Lens of Philosophy is a mindful way of looking at how we can help others succeed through collaboration and mentorship.



Consider targeting your coaching experience with trending themes to accommodate jobs and organizations of the future.

Artificial intelligence (AI) coaching could take on a critical role by guiding organizations and individuals to integrate AI technologies into society and business ethically. This specialized form of coaching aims to maximize the positive effects of AI while minimizing negative consequences, ensuring that the deployment of AI technologies aligns with broader social, ethical, business, and humanitarian goals.


"My experience with my AMS coach was extraordinary and far exceeded my expectations in terms of how quickly I was able to apply new ideas and solutions to challenges I was facing. Additionally, I was able to pass along some of the new knowledge and help my team as well. Very happy to have participated in such a solid program."

- COO at a Global Staffing and Talent Agency

"AMS coaches are top shelf and bring a depth of experience seldomly found at other coaching firms. The executive level of the team and how they collaborate along the journey is an extraordinary wealth of knowledge."

-COO at a Global Manufacturer of Industrial Components

"My coach at AMS helped me to clarify and then navigate my career objectives. The sessions led to my gaining more confidence and ultimately my dream job."

-Technology Manager at a Global Digital Retailer

"The experience with my coach from AMS was a critical factor in establishing goals for my team and then being able to lead them through transformation. The results from my efforts were much more impactful because of the direction they provided."

-Director of Engineering at a Global Manufacturer of Industrial Components


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