Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching is a unique, powerful relationship between a client and a professional coach who is trained to help them pursue their goals with both clarity and confidence. Our coaching methods employ proven strategies and action plans to help you overcome obstacles and open new doors of opportunity that maximize your strengths, talents, and personal and professional potential. Programs are driven toward, Transformational Leadership, Executive Growth, and High-Performance attributes. Our global network of coaches has worked with clients in varying stages of their career to help them gain access to their strengths and maximize their personal, professional, and leadership potential.

  • Executive – helping leaders work through decisions, planning, and culture by drawing on our own executive experience across global enterprises. These engagements can focus on topics such as Digital Transformation, Enterprise Agile, Strategic Planning, and Transformational Leadership for example.
  • High Potential – helping individuals maximize potential by clarifying intent, formalizing goals, building on natural strengths and strengthening commitment. These engagements can focus on Interpersonal Skills, Executive Presence, Collaboration, and Conflict Resolutions for example.
  • Team Collaboration – helping team contributors to realize the collective power of the team through self-awareness and professional development. These engagements can focus on the elements of High-Performing Teams, Hybrid Teams, and Inspirational Leadership for example.

Coaching is an iterative process; below are the key best practices we follow:

Gain Commitment: Together, we design a coaching engagement that creates an environment of trust and partnership that is unique to your needs. We explore what is important in your life and career, what your key goals are and your commitment to being accountable, staying in action, and facilitating lasting change.

Discovery: Learn more about the “whole picture” which may include interviews with key stakeholders you interact with. Gain insights into and challenge your own perspectives.

Create Plan: Clarify and focus your vision and establish what you really want. Create a targeted action plan that clarifies your objectives, outlines what you are accountable for and serves as a roadmap to reach your goals.

Work the Plan: Explore and practice strategies to help you achieve your goals. Challenge you to realign or change behaviors that are not helpful to your success. Establish accountable benchmarks, track, and monitor your progress so you know where you stand, address challenges that arise. Generate positive, growth-oriented thinking that uncovers and strengthens your natural leadership style.

Review and Celebrate: Acknowledge important insights and progress toward your goals. Develop strategies to help you maintain your success.

In addition to individual coaching solutions, you can explore enterprise and learning platforms to compliment the coaching experience: