Executive Coaching Program

In this solution briefing we will describe how our client implemented an Executive Coaching Program to prepare an executive team.

AMS Briefing Code: 725

Briefing Description

Executive Coaching is a method of helping people or teams develop to their full potential within the real-time workplace environment. This project focused on coaching four top executives of a growing health care company with an ultimate recommendation that one of the four take over the CEO position as part of a succession plan.

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The client is the leading provider of computing systems and algorithmic software for data-intensive military navigation applications.


The company required assistance in implementing a Project Management Office and governance practices for a portfolio of varying projects, some of which were chronically challenged and a few where key customers were concerned about key product deliveries.


After developing a clear scope of work with senior stakeholders, AMS conducted onsite interviews and reviews of the organization’s engineering and project management processes and practices. Functional mapping of roles and responsibilities was undertaken to ensure project team composition-competency was consistent with project demands. A detailed gap analysis with detailed recommendations was delivered to a senior steering committee, they were in agreement with our assessment(s) and recommendations. A key recommendation was that rather than AMS “taking over” the implementation project, it would be more beneficial for designated client resources to be the lead in the implementation project. Consistent with our recommendations we developed an execution plan where client resources would be coached and mentored to achieve specific practices and deliverables for the PMO development, Project Management rigor and implementing a practical system for practical and Integrated Project Control across the multiple functional contributors. The organization’s development life cycle was also “fitted” with a structure of scalable stage gates and application criteria.


As a result of the overall assessment, the organization’s best practices that were functional working well, were validated. Scalable front-end planning practices were adopted to ensure the projects objectives were decomposed properly into an accurate technical design basis and requisite project management execution practices were aligned and applied. The PMO was developed and chartered as a service-based organization first and a governance mechanism second. This approach helped shift cultural inertia and early apprehensions about the PMO assuming a “heavy handed” governance role.
The client’s project portfolio stabilized and key clients that were hesitating awarding them mission critical projects, were impressed enough with the organization’s transformation to award the projects as a sole-source procurement. Each of these projects were extremely successful with one being awarded a project of distinction award from the federal agency client.

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"The team at AMS provided some of the best corporate training we ever received. The consultant's ability to fully understand our industry and how the PM space was impacted and complimented by the Business Analyst function was outstanding. I would recommend the AMS team to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and insightful relationship with a consulting firm."

- Manager of Training at a Leading National Insurance Company

"AMS coaches are top shelf and bring a depth of experience seldomly found at other coaching firms. The executive level of the team and how they collaborate along the journey is an extraordinary wealth of knowledge."

-COO at a Global Manufacturer of Industrial Components

“The team at AMS was impressive from the first time we met them. I have personally interviewed many large training companies, but the folks at AMS were heads and tails above the rest because of their flexibility, desire to be true partners and level of subject matter expertise. I would recommend AMS to any organization seeking a results driven team of professionals.”

- V.P. Training and Development at an International Retail Chain

"The training we received from the AMS team was insightful, current and tailored to our environment/industry. Because of the training we have been able to improve and sustain performance within the IT PM department."

- Director of Training at a Globally Diversified Healthcare Company

"The experience with my coach from AMS was a critical factor in establishing goals for my team and then being able to lead them through transformation. The results from my efforts were much more impactful because of the direction they provided."

-Director of Engineering at a Global Manufacturer of Industrial Components

"My experience with my AMS coach was extraordinary and far exceeded my expectations in terms of how quickly I was able to apply new ideas and solutions to challenges I was facing. Additionally, I was able to pass along some of the new knowledge and help my team as well. Very happy to have participated in such a solid program."

- COO at a Global Staffing and Talent Agency

"My coach at AMS helped me to clarify and then navigate my career objectives. The sessions led to my gaining more confidence and ultimately my dream job."

-Technology Manager at a Global Digital Retailer

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