Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a method of helping people or teams develop to their full potential within the real-time workplace environment.

Project Description

This project focused on coaching four tops executives of a growing health care company with an ultimate recommendation that one of the four take over the CEO position as part of a succession plan.


An emerging home health care company has doubled in size in the past year. The CEO of the company plans to retire in two years and is seeking the most qualified candidate to be his successor. He currently has four female executives reporting to him, each running their own arm of the business.


There is a lack of trust between the female executives. All four executives are good performers. They work well with the CEO, but they do not work well with each other. The CEO is looking for a successor and wanted an independent assessment.


Design and implement an 8-week executive coaching program, preceded by a formal 360 feedback process for each executive. Set goals with each executive for their respective areas and uncover hidden trust issues. Make recommendations to the CEO for organizational culture improvements.


Building trust in an organizational environment can be difficult. By uncovering hidden organizational issues, and encouraging communication among executives, AMS was able to make recommendations on improving the culture of the organization.
The CEO has since retired. His successor was put in place based on the AMS recommendation. Another executive has moved on to a new company. These changes have improved the overall atmosphere and work environment.