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The AMS Solution Leadership Team stands out as visionaries across multiple industry verticals, offering a distinctive blend of expertise and practical mastery of their craft. Serving as a guiding body for our strategy, implementation teams, and architects for our portfolio of solutions. This team’s role is pivotal in guiding and supporting our global AMS certified implementation teams toward continuity and excellence in their engagements, while promoting the unique value of the AMS Client-Centric Engagement Model at enterprise scale. 


Phil Ventresca

Phil Ventresca

As Founder and Managing Partner Phil has guided the firm through transformative change, since 1994. His keen entrepreneurial insight has led the firm to capitalize on multiple emerging market opportunities that have translated into AMS rising as a respected global brand within the Organizational Development and Management Consulting industry.

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Colleen Franca

As a Solution Leader Colleen focuses her efforts on improving organizational and employee performance, management & leadership development, team building and empowering women in leadership. She has a strong track record of success in changing attitudes, building trust, and transforming the capabilities of people to support a culture of innovation and collaboration.

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Ed Santavicca

As a Solution Leader, Ed’s focus is on program/project management & business analysis consulting, training, coaching, and assessments, across the firm’s client portfolio. Additionally adding oversight to the implementation and control of the firm’s enterprise solutions through the adherence to engagement best practices, and compliance guidelines. 

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Joseph Raynus

As a Solution Leader, Joseph focuses his efforts on improving organizational and employee performance, management & leadership development, team building, digital transformation/Artificial Intelligence (AI), agile coaching, and empowering executives to transform their organizations.

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John Hom

As a Solution Leader, John has over 30 years of global experience and focuses on strategy development, business planning, business transformation, restructurings, change management, innovation, executive team facilitation, organizational effectiveness, agile and digital transformation, talent management and sales-force effectiveness.

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John Bonanno

As a Solution Leader, John brings over three decades of experience in all aspects of education management, general management, consulting, business development, and marketing.  He has substantial M&A experience having successfully led four organizations through acquisitions. He focuses his efforts on entrepreneurial ventures and capital realization. 

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Jeff Stempien

As a Solution Leader, Jeff’s focus is evaluation, training/consulting, and implementation of program/project management processes, business analysis, agile methodology, leadership, and communications best practices. His experience includes quality systems implementation, program management, planning and installation of program/project development methods.

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Anuraag Maini

As a Solution Leader, Anuraag’s focus is Human Resources Consulting across broad areas of the HR practice including talent and succession management, organization and leadership development, compensation and benefits, staffing, transformative change, AI & digital HR compliance, and Mergers & Acquisitions.

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Clarissa J. Corbin

As a Solution Leader, Clarissa focuses her efforts on delivering Project Management, Technical & Power Skills, Business Analysis, Leadership, and General Continuous Improvement Training Delivery and Consulting. She has a strong track record of success in transforming the capabilities of people to support a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning.

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"The team at AMS provided some of the best corporate training we ever received. The consultant's ability to fully understand our industry and how the PM space was impacted and complimented by the Business Analyst function was outstanding. I would recommend the AMS team to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and insightful relationship with a consulting firm."

- Manager of Training at a Leading National Insurance Company

“The team at AMS was impressive from the first time we met them. I have personally interviewed many large training companies, but the folks at AMS were heads and tails above the rest because of their flexibility, desire to be true partners and level of subject matter expertise. I would recommend AMS to any organization seeking a results driven team of

- V.P. Training and Development at an International Retail Chain

"The training we received from the AMS team was insightful, current and tailored to our environment/industry. Because of
the training we have been able to improve and sustain performance within the IT PM department."

- Director of Training at a Globally Diversified Healthcare Company


Since 1994, we have been a trusted partner for a diverse range of global enterprise clients, including Fortune 500, Middle & Emerging market, Global 2000 Companies and Government Entities.

Aeronautics - Banking & Finance - Construction & Engineering - Higher Education - Government & Municipal Agencies 

Hospitality - Manufacturing - Pharmeceutical - Research & Development - Scientific 

Transportation - Automotive - Biotech - Professional Services - Energy/Utility/Gas/Oil/Nuclear

Food Processing - Food Service - Healthcare - Information Technology & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Software Development - Non Proffit & Association Management - Publishing - Retail - Sales & Marketing - Telecommunications