Coaching Program Design

Coaching Program Design is a tool that can compliment development after training or organizational change by enhancing talent performance.  Coaching does not always have to take place as a pre-planned meeting. Being able to identify a coachable moment and redirect employee momentum is an expert management skill. AMS has constructed a robust coaching methodology that provides both the coach and participant with a set of ground rules for accountability and success.

Coaching has applications in a variety of scenarios including individual and team coaching as well as executive coaching. Following a robust process is quite effective as a follow on to a completed initiative, during transition periods, after training, or when ramping up new team members, or moving into an executive role.

The AMS consultant team offers your team executive level analysis and solutions tailored to their needs because our consultants have been where your executives are now.  This profile is perfect for a coaching scenario as the participants can benefit from real-world solutions and fresh ideas.

Best Practice Implementation Considerations

The application of the coaching methodology and coaching skills will vary based on the individuals involved. Best practices for the coaching methodology include:

  • Identify competency gaps by gathering information from within the organization through peers, subordinates and superiors
  • Follow a conversation model to draw out the issues
  • Work together to brainstorm possible solutions to problems
  • Assist in eliminating roadblocks
  • Have the participant recap the forward action

Best practices for coaching skills include:

  • Build trust through an open relationship
  • Foster an environment for coaching conversations to take place
  • Speak with candor and respect
  • Be aware of coachable moments
  • Practice using tools and techniques to bring out information
  • Listen 80%, talk 20%
  • Develop an active listening attitude
  • Appreciate that listening is as powerful as speech

Best Practice Summary

Research indicates that coaching is an effective tool to encourage productivity and employee satisfaction through dialogue and feedback techniques. It instills greater focus on improving specific competencies. Executives view coaching as an opportunity for personal growth and leadership legacy. Let our team of senior experts guide you through the process.

Customize your Consulting Experience

  • Leverage executive level practitioners
  • Benefit from benchmark research
  • Gain insight from cross-industry experience
  • Measure results via our project based engagement process
  • Collaborate within our teach/learn/apply approach