Organizational Development Consulting

    Coaching Program Design for Businesses

    Coaching Program Design is a Best Practice that will enable your organization with an internal support system of Coaching tools. Our experienced team of Executive Coaches and Organization Development experts will help your teams to build a robust set of process, behaviors, and skills to support the execution of internal coaching programs. Coaching has applications in a variety of scenarios including individual and team coaching as well as executive coaching. Following a robust process is quite effective as a follow on to a completed initiative, during transition periods, after training, or when ramping up new team members, or moving into an executive role.

    Additionally, our Performance Coaching program can be leveraged to help individual contributors excel against objectives, uncover new skills, and focus on micro problem-solving activities.

    Coaching Program Design Implementation for Businesses

    The application of the coaching methodology and coaching skills will vary based on the individuals involved. Best practices for the coaching methodology include:

    • Identify viable Coaches within the organization
    • Assess the skills gap to be filled in order to elevate them to be a great Coach
    • Establish a learning track for the Coach to complete prior to internal certification
    • Certify a team of internal coaches

    Why Coaching Program Design Is Important for Businesses

    Research indicates that coaching is an effective tool to encourage productivity and employee satisfaction through dialogue and feedback techniques. It instills greater focus on improving specific competencies. Executives view coaching as an opportunity for personal growth and leadership legacy. Let our team of senior experts guide you through the process of building a culture, team, and process of Coaches.

    Customize your Consulting Experience

    • Align Subject Matter Experts with your Industry, Region, and Culture
    • Benefit from Benchmark Research
    • Gain Insight from our Cross-Industry Experience
    • Partner via our Stewardship Engagement Model – Watch the Video
    • “Own Your Knowledge” with our Teach/Learn/Practice/Apply, Approach
    • Accelerate Individual Growth with Performance Coaching
    • Supplement with Professional Development Training