The Agile Approach to Technical Leadership

In this training course you will learn how an agile approach to technical leadership can bolster innovation on your projects.

AMS Course Code: 1140


The Agile Approach to Technical Leadership training course explores topics such as adaptive decision-making, team empowerment, and fostering an innovation culture. Whether you’re a seasoned technical lead or aspiring to take on leadership roles, this course equips you with practical tools to drive impactful change, inspire teams, and navigate complex challenges.

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Delivery Options

This program is delivered on-site in one full day or virtually in two 3.5-hour sessions.

Learning Modules

Agile Mindset

  • Adaptability: Agile leaders embrace change and adjust their strategies based on evolving circumstances

  • Collaboration: They foster cross-functional collaboration, breaking down silos and promoting collective problem-solving

  • Continuous Learning: Agile leaders encourage a culture of learning, experimentation, and feedback

  • Iterative Improvement: They iterate on processes, products, and services to enhance outcomes

Empowering Teams

  • Self-Organizing Teams: Agile leaders trust teams to make decisions and solve problems independently

  • Clear Goals and Autonomy: They provide a clear vision and let teams determine how to achieve it

  • Removing Obstacles: Agile leaders remove barriers hindering team productivity

  • Celebrating Wins: Recognizing team achievements fosters motivation and empowerment

Responsive Decision-Making

  • Real-Time Feedback: Agile leaders gather feedback early and often, adapting their decisions accordingly

  • Risk Tolerance: They balance calculated risks with the need for innovation and progress

  • Decentralized Decision Authority: Empowering teams to make decisions accelerates responsiveness

  • Data-Driven Insights: Agile leaders rely on data and analytics to inform their choices

Cultural Shift

  • Transparency: Agile leaders communicate openly about goals, progress, and challenges

  • Adaptive Leadership Style: They adjust their leadership approach based on context and team dynamics

  • Innovation Culture: Encouraging experimentation and learning drives cultural transformation

  • Servant Leadership: Agile leaders serve their teams, enabling their success and growth

Who Should Attend

The Agile Approach to Technical Leadership course is designed for technical leads, software engineers, product managers, and cross-functional team members.

Client-Centric Engagement Model

Professional Development Training

Each learning module in our course descriptions represent 90 minutes of instruction. Your selection of learning modules and sub-topics, preferred delivery modality, and custom design elements (as noted below), will determine the course duration and ultimate “best solution” to meet your unique learning needs. Our proprietary and innovative “4x4” design model, expert level facilitators, and modulated content library is the gateway to high-impact and agile learning experiences that result in immediate skills application.

AMS Professional Development Training Model for Engagement

For the Team

  • Teams of eight or more participants, delivered On-Site or Live Online with the option to customize your learning experience.

For the Individual

Customize your Learning Experience

  • Customize with instructional design options including scenarios, thought leader questions, and exercises
  • Select delivery modality and manage course durations based on content selection
  • Mix and match learning modules & sub-topics to create the most highly customized learning experience
  • Create learning tracks by linking courses & learning modules with connective application exercises over a predetermined timeline
  • Support content with correlating Research Articles
  • Enhance skills application with Performance Coaching
  • Earn select industry and academic accreditations
  • Organizational Learning & Development (L&D) Framework Best Practice
  • Integrate Digital Resources – Thought Leader Interviews  Insights Podcast

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