Insights Podcast

This Podcast is designed to bring some of our most relevant topics to the platform. These topics will help provide insights from our team of Subject Matter Experts across our Organizational Development, Professional Development, and Performance Coaching practice areas.

The working world has changed drastically. Gone are the days when corporate employees commute to the office Monday through Friday for a 9-5 job, have weekends off, and take two weeks of vacation every year. Spend any time on the highways of metro Boston and you will see that the morning commute begins before sunrise. There are about two hours between 11am and 1pm when the roads are clear, but by 1pm, the highways begin to jam with commuters on their way home. And the roads stay busy until well after 7pm. The hours of the workweek have changed.

Integration of AI with the Business Organization and People

While these are still early days of integration of AI with the business, the pace at which use cases are being developed on leveraging AI across the business is increasing at a rapid pace. These developments will have a significant impact on organizations and their people.

AI-Ethical Security Integration Model (ESI)

The Ethical Security Integration (ESI) model is designed to seamlessly incorporate ethical considerations and security measures into the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in businesses. It promotes a holistic approach that ensures the ethical use of AI technologies while simultaneously enhancing security measures.

Project Recovery

Recovering Challenged Projects is a key skill in today’s rapid paced and distributed team environment, as projects can experience scope creep very quickly. Organizations and project managers need to be skilled in the techniques to recover missed deliverables, mitigate cost overruns, and off-set any organizational impacts.

Difficult Conversations – Improving Outcomes

Improving the Outcomes of Difficult Conversations is critical for our relationships, because we’ve all had them or needed to have them. I’m referring to those difficult conversations that are apt to be put off for too long, go poorly, or never happen at all.

Topic in Focus – Preparing for Difficult Conversations

Topic in Focus – Preparing for Difficult Conversations. Providing a closer look at this micro-topic from the full interview in, Difficult Conversations – Improving Outcomes. This intensive “short” will give you the quick-start tips to put the new techniques into action right away.

Training and Development Trends

This podcast focuses on the Training and Development Trends that will impact our industry over the next few years and reflects on the massive change in delivery modalities caused by the pandemic.

Agile Requirements Gathering & User Story Development

Agile Requirements Gathering and User Story Development. Accurate requirements gathering is the foundation of any successful project or service delivery. It allows businesses to align their efforts with the specific needs of their clients, resulting in better outcomes.

Leadership Lessons in Adventure - An Entrepreneurs Perspective

This podcast focuses on the personal story of how an epic adventure can translate into both life and business growth through the eyes of a successful entrepreneur.

Rethinking your Organizations Project Management Structure

An insightful look into the design and structure of world class PMO’s at enterprise scale.

Requirements Based Risk Management

This podcast will explore requirement-based risk assessment as a proactive tool in the planning process.

The Value and Cost of Quality

Value and the Cost of Quality in most firms is calculated by cost accounting and has been an important function until the integration of LEAN.  All organizations measure and report costs as a basis for control, compliance, and improvement. In this era of heavy oversight and regulation of publicly traded companies, which have to comply with new regulations, the identification of cost related activities is even more important.

Conceptual Planning

This podcast addresses the need to look at your conceptual plan and then baseline the most realistic solutions driven by your risk tolerance.

Agile Methods for Global Projects

This podcast explores the integration of Agile methods across global, large, and complex projects.

Formal Lifecycle Development

This podcast explores the steps to formalize your PM lifecycle and apply compliance and measurement best practices.

Estimation and Scheduling

This podcast provides insight to estimation and scheduling within a practical application case study.

Requirements Elicitation

This podcast covers the most critical aspects of requirements elicitation and some of the best practices to ensure we are meeting client needs within a controlled scope.

Solution Prototyping on Critical Projects

This podcast addresses the benefit to Solution Prototyping on Critical Projects and how this step can contribute to great advantages when assessing risk during the lifecycle.

Business Analysis Planning Approaches

This podcast focuses on the best practices associated with Business Analysis Planning Approaches and how they can be used at enterprise scale.

Handling Business Rules and Events

This podcast explores how Handling Business Rules and Events supports enterprise compliance in the project environment.

Root Cause Analysis

This podcast will explore the benefits to using Root Cause Analysis across your projects and as a general decision-making tool.