Who Are We?

AMS is a Global Management Consulting firm. We practice in the areas of Organizational Development Consulting, Professional Development Training, and Performance Coaching. We have been serving Fortune 500, Middle-Market, Emerging High-Growth, and Government clients since 1994. We are committed to being a steward of excellence in our industry, trusted partner for our clients, and a high-performance community for our associates. We are dedicated to continuously improving and strive to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.

Why Partner With US?

We achieve Organizational Excellence by honoring our values-based approach to “Being of Service” to our industry, clients, and associates. This “way of doing business” is enabled by our Enterprise Readiness, Executive Practitioners, and Intellectual Property. We deliver innovative solutions supported by our proprietary Organizational Development Best Practices, Professional Development Training Courses, and Performance Coaching Process.

How Do We Engage? Video – Stewardship Engagement Model 

By leveraging our collaborative engagement models, we partner with our clients to understand their unique needs through formal data collection, rigorous gap analysis, and solution customization. This methodical approach leads to high-impact solutions, rendering “leave behind” value that our clients measure in sustainable performance improvement.

What Drives Us?

Being “of” Service drives us toward building long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with our industry, clients, and associates, built on our Core Values. A dedication to Servant Leadership and our internal Moral Compass, ensures all engagements are integrally bound to our culture and result in stewardship toward our purpose to serve. Our underlying culture is one of rewarding adventure, promoting exploration, and being committed to something bigger than ourselves, while having fun on the journey. We embody the Live Hard, Work Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard, and Share it all mantra, instilled in our firm from day one, by our founder. (Phil’s message). This mantra has enabled the firm to bring 360-degree collaboration to a level seldomly realized in business. We execute purely and consistently on a market and client centric purpose, delivering an extraordinarily high level of quality and service, by “living” the mantra.