About AMS

AMS is a premier Talent & Organization Development Practice with over 26 years of global Training and Consulting experience. We serve Fortune 100, Global 2000, and Government Agencies by developing the skills and best practices that will drive the future of work. We concentrate in the critical areas of: Project Management, Business Analysis, Professional Development, and Operational Performance. By focusing on these areas, we help clients capitalize on opportunities driven by their talent and business agendas.

Why Choose AMS?

Having scale, agility, and global reach allows us to serve enterprise clients with the professionalism and turn-key infrastructure they demand. By offering our clients both Training and Consulting solutions, delivered by industry experts, we ensure that learning and best practices are reinforced to create sustainable results.

AMS Training & Consulting solutions are enhanced by our firm’s:

  • Enterprise ready infrastructure
  • Collaborative Engagement Model
  • Longevity and sustainability
  • Scale, agility, and global reach
  • Cross-industry experience
  • Executive level practitioners
  • Fully owned intellectual property
  • Published research