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Innovation as a Mindset

Course Code: AMS2313

Innovation as a Mindset is more than a modern-day slogan, it is a purposeful dedication to embodying what is necessary to thrive and survive in the future of your industry. Idea generation, problem solving, and productive collaboration are all part of the journey, but not all of it. This course will explore multiple case studies that compare early and late cycle innovation, time to market, and the conundrum of being the “first” pioneer. Working across distributed teams within traditional and hybrid business models can put stress on the process of innovation. Participants in this course will learn to harness their creative juices through a critical thinking process and strategic perspective, that captures ideas, mobilizes thinking models, and ultimately results in forward innovation built into their every action.

Learning Modules 

Define Innovation

    • Innovative pioneering
    • Analyze the Tesla Model
    • Compare the Microsoft Model
    • Discuss the Southwest Model

Risks of Innovation

    • Bleeding edge vs. leading edge
    • Winners are not always the most innovative
    • Threshold of innovation and necessity
    • Rushing innovation and still winning like Intel

Normalizing Innovation

    • Innovation vs. disruption
    • Creative intensity and relentless discipline
    • Cost of innovation at operational scale
    • Integrate the “strategies” of innovation

Planning for Innovation

    • Use your Design Thinking skills
    • Understand popular Innovation Frameworks
    • Validating the right innovations
    • Measure the process of innovation

Who Should Attend

Any leader, manager, new product development professional, team contributors, or anyone seeking to understand how to become more innovative in a methodical way and increase their probability of successfully accomplishing breakthroughs.

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  • Accelerated Course = 2 learning modules delivered in a half day
  • Full course = 4 learning modules delivered in one day

Live Online

  • Accelerated Course = 2 learning modules delivered in one 3.5-hour session
  • Full course = 4 learning modules delivered in two 3.5-hour sessions

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