Professional Development Training

Applied Strategic Thinking

Course Code: AMS2025

Applied Strategic Thinking is noted as one of the most highly valued skills that employees can possess. However, in our current environment with the growing volume of work and rapid pace of change, our ability to step back and see beyond the business at hand to think strategically can be challenging. In this course you will learn how to strengthen your own strategic thinking skills and encourage it in others by examining the strategic and tactical thought process and creating practical solutions to support key business strategies. You will also identify and practice approaches that will guide the direction of your teams and enable you to communicate and influence strategically to gain buy-in.

Learning Modules 

Thinking Strategically

    • Your Preferred Way of Thinking
    • Modes of Thinking
    • Elements of Thinking Strategically
    • Modelling Strategic Thinking

Operating Strategically

    • Difference Between Strategy and Tactics
    • Operating Strategically in a Tactical Environment
    • STOP model for thinking
    • Behaving Strategically

Leading Strategically

    • Empowering Strategic Thinkers
    • Team Based Strategic Thinking
    • Strategic Thinking from the Middle
    • Agile Thinking

Communicating Strategically

    • Key Attributes of Impactful Messages
    • Individual Communication Styles
    • Strategic Communications Planning
    • Communicating Up

Who Should Attend

Leaders and managers who are directly responsible for thinking strategically to enhance projects, products, decisions, and communications, well as motivating team members to do the same.

Engagement Options

Enterprise – for corporate groups of eight or more participants, delivered On-Site or Live Online with options to customize your learning experience as noted below. Contact Us to Discuss Your Unique Needs> 

  • On-Site
    • Accelerated Course = 2-learning modules delivered in a half day
    • Full course = 4-learning modules delivered in one day
  • Live Online
    • Thought Leader Series = topical overview delivered in a 1-hour session
    • Accelerated Course = 2-curated learning modules delivered in one 3.5-hour session
    • Full Course = 4-learning modules delivered in two 3.5-hour sessions

Open Enrollment – for individual learners or cohorts of less than eight participants, delivered Live Online. Contact Us for Scheduling Options>

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