Business Simulation Training

Business Simulation Training (BST) is an immersive approach to training, allowing participants to engage peer-to-peer within a scenario based learning model while focused on relevant business activity. This progressive approach to learning provides organizations with the “real-time” application of skills within an abstract setting resulting in high impact solutions, relevant skills up-take, and at desk application. Our team of curriculum designers and facilitators can guide the development process and help your teams to realize added value from the following program elements:

  • Real-time, project application.
  • Intact team activities to support relevant skills transfer.
  • Flexible durations, delivery modality, and blended learning options.
  • Cross-functional business inclusion to ensure impacts and dependencies are considered.
  • Progressive curriculum to imbed skills and solutions simultaneously for immediate take-aways.
  • Established project execution model to build the learning timeline and cycle.
  • Alternative scenarios and outcomes to promote risk awareness.
  • Integrated talent, process, and organizational considerations.
  • Fireside chats and office hours to promote internal discussions between sessions.
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