Negotiation Skills

Course Code: 247


  • 7 Professional Development Credits (PDC’s) granted via the Society of Human Resource Management® (SHRM)

This AMS course provides a deep insight to the skills, tools, and techniques associated with Negotiation Skills, and can be used as part of a progressive curricular, standalone learning experience, or team up-skilling initiative. Negotiation Skills, are a key skill set in today’s progressive organizations. We are all engaged in daily negotiations for success, relationship, survival, and comfort. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these negotiations are left up to chance and we are then left to deal with their consequences. This course takes a methodical look at the components and techniques of successful negotiations. It will help participants develop a clear and concise thought process to plan, conduct, control, and succeed in negotiations at all levels. Participants will enhance their experience by interacting with imbedded scenarios, participating in table exercises, building a personal action plan, and sharing with their peers.

Learning Modules 

  • Define effective negotiation
  • Identify the attributes of effective negotiation
  • Use techniques and strategies for effective negotiation
  • Identify the “human factors” associated with achieving positive outcomes

Who Should Attend

Any professional who engages in negotiations would benefit from taking this course.

7 - SHRM® - PDCs - 2-3.5 Hour Sessions

Cost: $642.00

Available Classes:

Instructors: Colleen Franca, CPCC
Option 1: 11/14/2019 - 11/15/2019

  • Session 1/2: 11/14/2019 from 9:00 am ET to 12:30 pm ET
  • Session 2/2: 11/15/2019 from 9:00 am ET to 12:30 pm ET