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Building Engagement on a Distributed Team

Course Code: AMS2317

Building Engagement on a Distributed Team is no longer considered an option as the hybrid work model has taken hold resulting in the critical need to manage productivity in this modality. In a time of “quiet quitting” distracted work environments, and distance between contributors, the need for leaders to adapt and elevate priorities is mission critical. This course will introduce tools and techniques that promote productivity through innovation and by looking toward the needs of the future focused organization. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the Cultural Norms associated with the Hybrid Workplace, Managing Talent Needs on a Distributed Team, Promoting and Creating Engagement, and Building Collaboration with Accountability.

Learning Modules 

  • Learn Best Practice Cultural Norms Associated with the Hybrid Workplace
  • Understand the Challenges when Managing Talent Needs on a Distributed Team
  • Promoting and Creating Engagement through Technology and Connection
  • Building Collaboration, Presence, and Accountability

Who Should Attend

Team leaders who seek to learn the best practices and skills necessary to optimize performance in a hybrid or distributed environment.

Engagement Options

Enterprise – for corporate groups of eight or more participants, delivered On-Site or Live Online with access to customize your learning experience as noted below. Contact Us to Discuss Your Unique Needs> 

  • On-Site
    • Accelerated Course = 2 learning modules delivered in a half day
    • Full course = 4 learning modules delivered in one day
  • Live Online
    • Thought Leader Series = topical overview delivered in a 1-hour session
    • Accelerated Course = 2 curated learning modules delivered in one 3.5-hour session
    • Full course = 4 learning modules delivered in two 3.5-hour sessions

Open Enrollment – for individual learners or cohorts of less than eight participants, delivered Live Online. Register Below.

Available Open Enrollment Dates: Pending 

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