Organizational Development Consulting


    Benchmarking can help validate significant shifts in strategy and can perpetuate more robust examination of the “gaps” in strategy. The key to successful benchmarking is leveraging intellectual and human capital that provides the organization the benefit of a deep inventory of corporate current and historical standards. To create or validate current research reports, content from many different sources including project and performance metrics as well as competitive analysis, industry guidelines, and trends must be leveraged.

    Our combination of intellectual and human capital allows us the benefit of a deep inventory of these corporate standards, built within experiential, cross-industry, and practice area verticals.  When back dropped against our multi-national footprint, AMS represents a “go to” solution for research data.

    Best Practice Implementation Considerations  

    Our databases can be cut by industry, by topic or by case study and then complimented with real time research driven by an AMS consultant.  Our firm has been contracted to produce data reduction reports for the following objectives:

    • Salary scales
    • Demographic work force availability
    • Competency specific content
    • Project and performance metrics
    • Risk and probability
    • Competitive analysis
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Globalization
    • Enterprise growth and change impact
    • Compliance

    Best Practice Summary 

    Our consultants can undertake a specific research project for your company to validate or justify strategy.  Our depth and experience allows us to scale quickly and produce data in a time sensitive environment.

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