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Organizational Culture: Understanding the Who, How and Why

Organizational Culture (OC) is a critical aspect of your company’s ability to deliver consistent quality within the “image” of the...

High Performance Organization – Solution Suite

This collection of scalable High Performance Organization related content, Consulting Best Practice, and Training Courses, can be uniquely designed to...

Project Quick Start

Project Quick Start (PQS) is a hybrid consulting, coaching and mentoring best practice that assists clients in aligning a project...

Women and Power

Women and Power - This course is designed for high potential women wanting to enhance their performance in relation to...

Business Analyst: The Strategic Implications, Written by Phil Ventresca, M.B.A.

The new role of the BA is far more strategic in both the organizational sense as well as at the...

“Toot your own Horn” with a Career Portfolio, Written by Angie Sokol, Ph.D

I recently had a coaching session with a young female engineer and I asked her what her plans were for...

Leadership Development

Being cognizant of key competencies and skill sets and aligning roles and responsibilities with critical functionality is a characteristic of...

Consulting Implementation

Consulting Implementation methodologies promote a definitive assessment of the business need and then define a collaborative implementation plan to accomplish...

Training Customization

Training Customization allows you to, choose topics, customize content, deliver creatively, measure results, support post-learning, and earn credits.

Project Briefings

Representative portfolio of Training and Consulting engagements.