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Recovering Challenged Projects

This AMS course provides a deep insight to the skills, tools, and techniques associated with Recovering Challenged Projects, and can...

Project Recovery Techniques

This AMS, Digital Learning Supplement, e-learning topic; Project Recovery Techniques, can be used to supplement related course titles found in...

GE Work-Out Process

This process will build a new culture of speed and urgency. It combines coaching, problem-solving tools, and learning to help...

Applied Strategic Thinking – Executive Overview

This AMS VILT Executive Overview provides insight to the course, Applied Strategic Thinking, AMS 2025, and can be used as...

I Want to be Like Chris: Living an Inspired Life, Written by David Wallis

Not that remarkable because I know a lot of people called Chris. However this particular one is Chris Hadfield, the...

Leadership Development

Being cognizant of key competencies and skill sets and aligning roles and responsibilities with critical functionality is a characteristic of...

Project Briefings

Representative portfolio of Training and Consulting engagements.