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    Business Continuity Planning

    Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is a critical best practice in progressive organizations that supersedes basic risk management activities. Leaders in today’s business environment are tasked with stabilizing their talent, supply chains, technology, and infrastructure. This task is daunting at times and is compounded by factors that are not within their direct control.

    AMS executive level consultants have facilitated BCP sessions for organizations of all sizes both domestically and globally.  This experience and cross-industry awareness allows us to leverage trends and more critically, build an “outside of the boardroom” perspective.  Many planning sessions do not produce innovative outcomes because the perspectives of the contributors are unchallenged, uninformed or slanted by agendas.  In order to produce clear strategy that can be disseminated into actionable, measurable and scalable plans, you must integrate a wide-angle perspective from the start.

    Best Practice Implementation Considerations 

    • Talent
    • Supply chain
    • Technology
    • Infrastructure

    Best Practice Summary

    The integration of BCP is imperative to support the strategic, operational, and tactical aspects of the enterpsie.   In fact, most progressive organizations leverage a form of BCP throughout all levels of the company.  This activity is supported by skills such as strategic thinking, root cause analysis, and problem solving and is driven by good communications and networking presence.  With “Agile” meaning “agility,” the ability to plan and execute quickly will be the determining factor for many key performance indicators to be met.

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