Emily Johnson, RN, MSN

Emily Johnson, RN MSN, is a Managing Principal – Sr. Marketing Consultant, at Advanced Management Services, Inc. (AMS), a Global Management Consulting firm, practicing in the areas of Organizational Development Consulting, Professional Development Training, and Performance Coaching. AMS has been serving Fortune 100/500, Middle-Market, Emerging High-Growth, and Government clients since 1994.

As a Managing Principal – Sr. Marketing Consultant, Emily focuses her efforts on building relationships and expanding awareness of the AMS brand through her professional network. In addition, Emily focuses on branding, marketing initiatives, and thought leadership promotion.

As a healthcare professional, with an extensive understanding of hospital operations and patient care, Emily has a unique approach to building relationships that are founded in the core principals of Respect, Empathy, Sincerity, and Trust (REST). Emily’s ability to engage with professionals across multiple industries and then connect the appropriate AMS Subject Mater Experts is driven by her ability to listen and “care” about the business challenges and opportunities of each connection she makes.

Emily is directing and producing the first Thought Leader Interview Series and Insights Podcast with a focus on capturing industry trends and helping our clients benefit from content distribution. Her engaging personality, communication mastery and desire to help others grow is a great advantage in this capacity.

Emily is personally dedicated to self-improvement and building relationships that she can create value in by sharing ideas, collaborating on problem solving, and sharing experiences.

Emily has founded several small businesses as an entrepreneur and remains active in the business community. Additionally, she has been active in local business forums, volunteer groups, and community committees.

As an avid cyclist, and outdoor enthusiast, she has traveled globally to compete. Additionally, she is a motorcyclist, aspiring piano player, and dog lover. Her personality is a key driver to the success of her service-oriented approach to relationship development and stewardship while representing the AMS brand and her personal image.