Barbara Schwartz, MPH, MLS (ASCPCM)

Barbara Schwartz, MPH, MLS (ASCPCM) is a Principal Consultant – Practice Advisor at Advanced Management Services, Inc. (AMS), a Global Management Consulting firm, practicing in the areas of Organizational Development Consulting, Professional Development Training, and Performance Coaching. AMS has been serving Fortune 100/500, Middle-Market, Emerging High-Growth, and Government clients since 1994.

As Principal Consultant – Practice Advisor, Barbara contributes to the firm’s Organization Development practice area with consulting and training support for culture, wellness, human development, and stress management programs.

Barbara is a scientist, wellness specialist, writer, and advocate. With over thirty years of experience in the clinical laboratory setting, Barbara has worked as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, patient advocate, and as an advocate for the clinical laboratory community.

Barbara has taught science and ethics at the college and university level. To that end, she has discovered the importance of teaching not only the subject matter, but teaching the tools that support physical and emotional wellness to help the learner meet and exceed goals.

As a certified yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, and daily meditator, Barbara understands that holistic and Western medicine do not need to stand alone. The advancements made in Western medicine have helped us to eradicate smallpox, cure certain cancers that used to be fatal, and perform organ transplants! At the same time, holistic and traditional Eastern modalities have earned a seat at the table. Meditation and yoga can reduce depression and anxiety while improving sleep. They can also help to reduce physical pain. Acupuncture is quite effective in helping to manage pain, stress, and some autoimmune diseases.

As a Public Health practitioner, it’s important for Barbara to be able to help people prevent preventable diseases, manage their stress, and to feel well! She is especially involved with Veterans and First Responder groups, with a focus on yoga and meditation as pathways toward reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and the effects of PTSD.

When not contributing to AMS, working as the Director of Laboratory Education at Beth Israel Lahey Health, or managing her own Monkey Wrench Wellness business, Barbara volunteers for the Plymouth County Critical Incident Stress Management Team and Warrior Within Yoga Project. Barbara earned her undergraduate degree from Boston University (Go Terriers!) and her MPH from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.