Harassment in the Workplace

Harassment in the Workplace has existed for all of time, man, woman, color, and creed has never really mattered, all of the boxes can be checked. The reality is that as employers we have a responsibility to create a “safe” workplace and in some instances that is easier said than done because of cultural norms.

Project Description

This project was chartered to meet compliance within the EEOC guidelines for Federal and State Mandate.


The client was an industry association who wanted to provide training for multiple hospitality related organizations within the membership.


Due to the wide spectrum of “employee type” within this industry it was necessary to create a cultural, language and situational awareness within the design and delivery of the program. Additionally, and in part due to the above diversity many of the concepts around harassment were difficult to introduce as audience groups had widely varied personal perspectives on the subject.


AMS set out to establish a definitive cultural norm, behavioral index, descriptive scenarios and subset training. This toolbox of solutions was integrated into the training and also offered as “quick-reference” material for the attending organizations to take back to their own Human Resource groups to embrace and support. Each individual in the training was required to identify a personal action plan that leveraged these tools and specify areas they could improve and also help colleagues to do the same.


Feedback from the association was that many of the participating organizations had reached out to schedule more training as a supplement to their own activity. Additionally the oversight compliance group within the State asked the association manger to become the “official” provider of this compliance training. This resulted in AMS establishing a multi-year engagement to provide continuity within the mandate. Finally, several of the large organizations who participated in the training called upon us to internalize the effort which resulted in several follow on consulting engagements and customized training. In both the association membership and individual companies we were able to track a reduction in Harassment claims over a three year trend.