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Virtual Presentations

Course Code: AMS2339

Virtual Presentations are essential in today’s world of hybrid and distributed teams. This course sets the stage with an interactive platform to allow participants an opportunity to create, deliver, and peer review virtual presentations. The tools and techniques learned in this program are effective in the virtual and onsite environment with an emphasis on how to also deliver in a “hybrid” setting. Participants will upskill on foundational communications, body language, technology, and general presentation skills.

Learning Modules 

Communication at its Core

    • Recognize the common barriers of communication
    • 7 C’s of Communicating effectively
    • Understand how the virtual environment has shifted communication
    • Differing Communication Styles

Effective Virtual Presentations 

    • Characteristics of an effective briefing
    • Explore different briefing types
    • Characteristics of an effective speaker
    • Make your virtual meetings more interactive

Planning and Preparing a Powerful Virtual Presentation 

    • Plan and prepare virtual briefings and presentations
    • Adopt a Communication Framework
    • Considering your audience’s needs
    • Know your technology platform- effective use of virtual technology (e.g., MS Teams)

Focus the Presentation

    • The Power of 3
    • Less is more: Be clear, be brief, and be quiet
    • Gaining buy-in from the audience
    • Setting the stage for collaboration

Crafting for Virtual Presentations

    • Presenting complex information
    • Storytelling
    • Using Visual Aids
    • Design considerations

Engaging Your Audience in a virtual environment

    • Using body language and eye contact effectively
    • Use Your Voice
    • Start with an attention-grabbing opening
    • Use technology tools to manage engagement

Delivering with Confidence

    • Start with Confidence
    • Answer Questions with Confidence
    • Build confidence through presence
    • Closing with Impact

Putting it All Together

    • Presentation Checklist
    • Giving Presentation Feedback
    • Final Presentations
    • Peer review

Who Should Attend

Anyone seeking to be more effective when delivering virtual presentations.

Engagement Options

Enterprise – for corporate groups of eight or more participants, delivered On-Site or Live Online with access to customize your learning experience as noted below. Contact Us to Discuss Your Unique Needs> 

  • On-Site
    • Accelerated Course = 2 learning modules delivered in a half day
    • Full course = 4 learning modules delivered in one day
  • Live Online
    • Thought Leader Series = topical overview delivered in a 1-hour session
    • Accelerated Course = 2 curated learning modules delivered in one 3.5-hour session
    • Full course = 4 learning modules delivered in two 3.5-hour sessions

Open Enrollment – for individual learners or cohorts of less than eight participants, delivered Live Online. Contact Us for Scheduling Options>

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