This Project Management Leadership course is designed to enhance the interpersonal skills necessary for leading complex projects within organizations…

It addresses the intricacies of organizational culture, cross-functional workflow, and distributed team management, while also providing a foundation in PM technology and methodology. Participants will learn to navigate these elements through modules on leadership versus management, problem-solving, and conflict resolution, ultimately fostering the development of high-performing teams. Ideal for project managers seeking to lead effectively in dynamic environments. Additionally, participants will benefit from a dynamic high-engagement learning experience built on our proprietary 4×4 Design Model with executive-level facilitators, thought leader questions, innovative content, application exercises, and digital media supplements that underpin our Client-Centric Engagement Model. See below to learn more about our customization options.

Learning Modules

Organization and PM Culture

    • Stakeholder Alignment: Understanding how organizational structures impact stakeholder engagement and project success
    • Cultural Influence: Exploring how organizational culture shapes project management practices and team dynamics
    • Strategic Alignment: Ensuring project goals align with the broader organizational strategy
    • Leadership Impact: Recognizing how PM culture influences leadership behavior and decision-making

Cross-functional Workflow

    • Collaboration Strategies: Navigating cross-departmental collaboration challenges
    • Workflow Optimization: Identifying opportunities to streamline processes across functions
    • Effective Communication: Developing communication strategies for seamless cross-functional teamwork
    • Dependency Management: Managing dependencies and integration points between different departments

Distributed Team Management

    • Remote Leadership Best Practices: Leading remote teams effectively
    • Technology Tools: Leveraging tools and technologies for managing distributed teams
    • Cohesion Across Distances: Fostering team cohesion despite geographical separation
    • Cultural Sensitivity: Overcoming challenges related to time zones and cultural differences

PM Technology & Methodology Baseline

    • Software Utilization: Maximizing the use of PM software and tools for project tracking and reporting
    • Methodology Adaptation: Balancing traditional and agile approaches based on project needs
    • Continuous Improvement: Establishing a baseline for ongoing process enhancements
    • Customization: Tailoring methodologies to fit specific project and organizational contexts

Leadership vs Management

    • Vision and Direction: Leaders set a compelling vision for projects, inspiring teams toward a common goal
    • Motivation and Influence: Effective leaders motivate team members, fostering commitment and engagement
    • Strategic Thinking: Leaders think long-term, aligning projects with organizational strategy
    • Empowerment: Empowering team members to take ownership and make decisions

Problem Solving for the Complex Project

    • Root Cause Analysis: Techniques for identifying underlying issues causing project complexities
    • Systems Thinking: Viewing projects holistically to address interconnected challenges
    • Decision-Making Under Uncertainty: Strategies for making informed choices despite ambiguity
    • Risk Mitigation: Approaches to manage risks associated with complex project scenarios

Conflict Resolution within the Project Lifecycle

    • Understanding Conflict Types: Recognizing interpersonal, task-related, and process conflicts
    • Negotiation Skills: Techniques for resolving disagreements and finding win-win solutions
    • Mediation and Facilitation: Facilitating open dialogue and finding common ground
    • Team Building: Strengthening relationships to prevent and manage conflicts

Leadership & High Performing Teams

    • Team Dynamics: Understanding team stages (forming, storming, norming, performing)
    • Motivating Teams: Strategies for boosting team morale and productivity
    • Coaching and Mentoring: Developing team members’ skills and potential
    • Recognition and Rewards: Acknowledging achievements to foster high performance

Who Should Attend

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of effective project leadership, equipping participants to navigate complex challenges, foster high-performing teams, and drive successful project delivery. Project Managers who are responsible for leading teams, contributors, and/or self-lead within a larger group, will benefit from the skills provided within this course.

Engagement Options

Each learning module above represents 90 minutes of instruction. Your selection of learning modules and sub-topics, preferred delivery modality, and custom design elements (as noted below), will determine the course duration and ultimate “best solution” to meet your unique learning needs. The AMS Client-Centric Engagement Model provides you all the design flexibility needed to create the most targeted and high-impact training available. Our proprietary and innovative “4×4” design model, expert level practitioners, and modulated content library is the gateway to immediate skills application and sustainable results. Contact Us to learn more about how our approach to learning can meet your unique needs.

For the Team 

Teams of eight or more participants, delivered On-Site or Live Online with access to customize your learning experience as noted below.

For the Individual  

Individual learners or cohorts of less than eight participants, delivered Live Online. Contact Us for Scheduling Options>

Customize your Learning Experience 

  • Customize with instructional design options including scenarios, thought leader questions, and exercises
  • Select delivery modality and manage course durations based on content selection
  • Mix and match learning modules & sub-topics to create the most highly customized learning experience
  • Create learning tracks by linking courses & learning modules with connective application exercises over a predetermined timeline
  • Support content with corelating Research Articles
  • Enhance skills application with Performance Coaching
  • Earn select industry and academic accreditations
  • Organizational Learning & Development (L&D) Framework Best Practice
  • Explore our Client-Centric Engagement Model
  • Integrate Digital Resources – AMS YouTube – AMS Spotify