Maximizing Time, Energy, and Focus

Course Code: AMS1036

Maximizing Time, Energy, and Focus – In order for the manager of multiple projects or tasks to stay “out in front” of the day-to-day issues along with sourcing and managing long term strategic decisions, they must be “playing a different game” with accountability, personal responsibility, focus and attention, and how these elements occur within time. This course takes an insightful and innovative look at the subject of personal efficiency and results orientation. During the course, participants will inventory their habits around basic time management and be introduced to topics that will spur thought and reflection on behavioral patterns and personal productivity behaviors.

Duration: Variable, see below

Content Learning Themes

  • Can Time be Managed?
  • Our Relationship with Time
  • Personal Inventory of Time Related Patterns
  • Working Effectively in an Interruptive Environment
  • Our Focus Creates our Reality
  • Accountability: Thinking and Speaking for Results

Who Should Attend

Program managers, project managers, and program/project team personnel who manage multiple projects or tasks would benefit from attending this course.

Training Customization 

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