Strategies for Managing Large and Complex Projects

In this training course you will discover the key differences in managing large and complex projects and the skills needed for success.

AMS Course Code: 128

Course Description

The Strategies for Managing Large and Complex Projects course will focus on better understanding the distinctions between managing large and complex projects/programs with an emphasis on the required variations in mindset, project management practice, and leadership competencies. Participants will explore this advanced topic by, identifying with the demands of large projects, preparing early planning actions, engaging stakeholders, creating definitive plans, building requirements, managing risk, modeling leadership best practice, and influencing within a matrix environment. Participants will enhance their experience by interacting with imbedded scenarios, participating in table exercises, building a personal action plan, and sharing with their peers.

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Delivery Options

This program is delivered on-site in two full days or virtually in four 3.5-hour sessions.

Course Modules

Scaling Large & Complex Projects

  • Agile Values & Application

  • Defining Scale, Size & Complexity

  • Practice & Competency Matrix

  • Stakeholder Engagement Considerations

Initiation, Discovery & Early Planning

  •  Agile Attributes, Comparison with Waterfall

  • Agile Lifecycles & Language

  • Early Planning Dimension Matrix

  • Milestones & Sprint Planning

Agile Stakeholder Engagement

  •  Stakeholder Identification & Assessment

  • Stakeholder Matrix & Implementation

  • Stakeholder Expectations and Dependencies

  • Requirements Development and Backlog Management

Definitive Planning and Sprint Practices

  •  Managing the Execution of the Plan

  • Leaders and High performing Teams

  • Iterative Development and Measurable Progress

  • Large Scale Scrum Considerations

Risk and Backlog Management

  • Risk Management Environment

  • Risk Management Competencies

  • Requirements & Dependencies

  • Risk Reporting, Assurance & Oversight

Effective Project Leadership

  •  Leading & Managing Considerations

  • Divergent, Convergent & Design Thinking

  • Inherent Stressors & Cultural Awareness

  • Communication Styles & Effectiveness

Influencing with and without Authority

  •  Influence & Other Key Definitions

  • Power Persuasion & Motivation

  • Inter-Personal Challenges

  • Political & Organization Challenges

Recovering Challenged Projects

  • Distinctions of challenged projects

  • Entering a challenged project

  • Challenged project analysis & assessment

  • Execution & control for recovery

Who Should Attend

Project/program managers seeking to enhance their ability to understand and manage large and complex projects or programs.

Client-Centric Engagement Model

Professional Development Training

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For the Team

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For the Individual

Customize your Learning Experience

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  • Select delivery modality and manage course durations based on content selection
  • Mix and match learning modules & sub-topics to create the most highly customized learning experience
  • Create learning tracks by linking courses & learning modules with connective application exercises over a predetermined timeline
  • Support content with correlating Research Articles
  • Enhance skills application with Performance Coaching
  • Earn select industry and academic accreditations
  • Organizational Learning & Development (L&D) Framework Best Practice
  • Integrate Digital Resources – Thought Leader Interviews  Insights Podcast

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