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Journey to Cultural Intelligence

Course Code: AMS2008

Journey to Cultural Intelligence explores the impact of functioning effectively in a multi-cultural setting as an essential part of your leadership and DEI toolbox. This course focuses on developing Cultural Intelligence (CQ), resulting in more effective communication across distributed teams, culturally divergent cohorts, and community constituent groups. The course is built on the foundation of diversity and inclusion but takes participants a step further, by exploring tools and techniques to bridge gaps between cultures and the behavioral, professional, and personal differences that impact cross-functional exchanges. Participants will embark on a “journey” to learn and explore themselves, along with their counterparts, through the lens of CQ.

Learning Modules 

Cultural Intelligence vs. DEI

    • Define CQ within the DEI context
    • Build a CQ strategy
    • Maximize CQ curiosity
    • Embed the behaviors of CQ within DEI

Communicating Across Cultures with Continuity

    • Build your CQ to “understand”
    • Self-asses your “perceived being”
    • Align cultural commonality
    • Close cultural divergence

Distributed Teams and Breaking Down Barriers

    • Deploy the REST Model
    • Promote CQ as a learning objective
    • Understand communication styles
    • Collaborate on diversity

Building a Cross Cultural Community

    • Define the strengths with CQ
    • Define the weaknesses without CQ
    • Define the oportunities derived from CQ
    • Define the threats without CQ

Who Should Attend

Anyone working on a distributed or global team, within culturally diverse organization, or is seeking to expand their ability to collaborate in a highly diverse environment, will benefit from this course.

Blended Delivery Modality and Duration Options


  • Accelerated Course = 2 learning modules delivered in a half day
  • Full course = 4 learning modules delivered in one day

Live Online

  • Accelerated Course = 2 learning modules delivered in one 3.5-hour session
  • Full course = 4 learning modules delivered in two 3.5-hour sessions

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