Competing on Transformation: Mastering Change for Business Success

Course Code: AMS2341

Competing on Transformation: Mastering Change for Business Success is a transformative journey in business outlined with our comprehensive course. In today’s rapidly evolving corporate landscape, the ability to innovate and navigate change is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity. This course is your ticket to mastering the art of business innovation, equipping you with the strategic skills needed to stay ahead in competitive markets. This isn’t your typical lecture-based course. Engage in hands-on exercises, group discussions, and practical applications of transformative concepts. Gain insights from real-world case studies, participate in simulations, and develop actionable strategies for your business challenges.

Learning Modules

Understanding the Dynamics of Transformation

    • Defining transformation in the business context
    • Understanding the forces driving change
    • Analyzing how Netflix strategically embraced change to revolutionize the entertainment industry
    • Case Study: Netflix’s Evolution from DVD Rentals to Streaming

Strategic Thinking for Business Transformation

    • Developing a strategic mindset for change
    • Exploring case studies of successful strategic shifts
    • Examining how Apple transformed its business model and product offerings through strategic thinking
    • Case Study: Apple Inc.’s Strategic Shift under Steve Jobs

Harnessing the Power of KPIs for Sustainable Transformation

    • Understanding the role of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in driving and measuring change
    • Exploring real-world examples of successful KPI implementation
    • Analyzing how Tesla leveraged KPIs for sustainable business transformation
    • Case Study: Tesla’s Data-Driven Approach to Electric Vehicles

Overcoming Resistance to Change

    • Understanding common reasons for resistance
    • Implementing strategies to overcome resistance
    • Examining P&G’s phased approach to change management and employee buy-in
    • Case Study: Procter & Gamble’s Shift in Product Portfolio

Innovation and Risk Management in Transformation

    • Integrating innovation into the transformation process
    • Managing risks associated with innovation
    • Exploring how Google fosters innovation while managing associated risks
    • Case Study: Google’s Innovation Culture

Competing in the Digital Age

    • Adapting to the digital landscape
    • Leveraging technology for competitive advantage
    • Analyzing how Amazon evolved from an online bookstore to a digital giant
    • Case Study: Amazon’s Digital Transformation Journey

Realizing the Value of Sustainable Transformation

    • Measuring and communicating the impact of transformation
    • Ensuring long-term success and continuous improvement
    • Examining Microsoft’s journey towards a culture of sustained innovation and transformation
    • Case Study: Microsoft’s Cultural Transformation

KPIs for Sustainable Transformation

    • Metrics as a Language of Innovation
    • Strategic Data for Passionate Decision-Making
    • Passionate Leadership through KPIs
    • Case Study: Apple’s Strategic Use of KPIs

Who Should Attend

This course is crafted for those driven by a profound passion for mastering change and innovation. By weaving together strategic thinking, KPI mastery, and innovation, participants will embark on a journey that aligns their fervor with practical skills, creating a powerful force for transformative change.

Engagement Options

Enterprise – for corporate groups of eight or more participants, delivered On-Site or Live Online with options to customize your learning experience as noted below. Contact Us to Discuss Your Unique Needs> 

  • On-Site
    • Accelerated Course = 4 learning modules delivered in one day
    • Full course = 8 learning modules delivered in two days
  • Live Online
    • Thought Leader Series = topical overview delivered in a 1-hour session
    • Accelerated Course = 4-curated learning modules delivered in four 3.5-hour sessions
    • Full course = 8 learning modules delivered in four 3.5-hour sessions 

Open Enrollment – for individual learners or cohorts of less than eight participants, delivered Live Online. Register Below.

Available Open Enrollment Dates:

Full Course = 8-learning modules delivered over two days’

Cost: $2,550.00 – Per Individual Enrollment – (Includes digital support content, toolbox items, and pre-work licenses)

Available Dates:

Option 1: 05/20/2024 – 05/21/2024

  • Session 1 of 2: 05/20/2024 from 9:00 am ET to 4:30 pm ET
  • Session 2 of 2: 05/21/2024 from 9:00 am ET to 4:30 pm ET

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