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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Human Element – Learning Track

Course Code: AMS2343

When People Work with Machines

In the dynamic landscape of evolving technology, soft skills—those intangible qualities defining our human interactions—have never been more crucial. With the advent of AI and automation, the demand for these skills becomes paramount. Our AI and the Human Element Learning Track is meticulously crafted to address the most critical skills essential for maintaining a productive and collaborative interface between AI and human culture. Participants embark on a transformative journey, sharing and exploring experiences that shape the future of business in the augmented world of human and artificial intelligence. The Learning Track features structured modules, interspersed with dedicated time for Application Exercises, curated research articles, and digital supplements, ensuring a progressive and comprehensive learning experience. Some clients choose to build a community of practice around these tracks, assigning internal sponsors to enhance engagement throughout the journey.

Learning Modules 

AI Leadership

    • Master Essential AI Concepts
    • Develop a Strategic Vision for AI Integration & Innovation
    • Bridge the Gap Between Leadership and Technology Teams
    • Stay Ahead with Emerging Trends in AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Human Element

    • Learn how to use AI when Thinking Strategically
    • Use AI in the Decision-Making Process
    • Understand how AI can enhance Risk Management
    • Integrate AI to Optimize Process

Critical Thinking in the AI Environment

    • Critical Decision Making with AI Data
    • Critical Planning & Implementing while Considering AI
    • Deduction & Drawing Conclusions after AI Input
    • Creativity & Critical Thinking Augmented with AI

Ethical Considerations with AI

    • Understanding how AI Impacts HR
    • Recognizing Bias in the AI Model
    • Disseminating Solutions with Human Logic vs. AI Input
    • Knowing Right from Wrong when AI Disagrees

Storytelling with AI Data

    • The Art of Storytelling with AI Input
    • Finding the Story in Your AI Data
    • Designing Your Stories with the Human Touch
    • Presenting a Your Story not the Machines

Emotional Intelligence  

    • Understand Emotional Intelligence in the World of AI
    • Strategies for Developing EQ in the AI Template
    • Leading with EQ When Supported with AI
    • Developing others EQ in an AI Environment
  • Resilience During Change Accelerated by AI 
    • Emotional Intelligence During Change Augmented by AI
    • Grit and Mental Toughness when Aligned with the Machines
    • Envision the Future Benefits wight AI Augmented Change
    • Purpose for Change in an AI World

Agile Team Leadership with AI

    • Understand the Agile Mindset with AI Influences
    • Best Practices for Agile Leaders working with AI
    • Integrating the Agile Process with AI Systems
    • Fostering an Agile Culture and Mindset in and AI Environment

Who Should Attend

Any leader, manager, or team member who wants to build the soft skills to work effectively with your co-workers and machines in harmony.

Engagement Options

Enterprise – for corporate groups of eight or more participants, delivered On-Site or Live Online with options to customize your learning experience as noted below. Contact Us to Discuss Your Unique Needs> 

  • On-Site
    • Full course = 8 learning modules delivered in 4 half Days – over 8 weeks
  • Live Online
    • Full course = 8 learning modules delivered in four 3.5-hour sessionsover 8 weeks

Open Enrollment – for individual learners or cohorts of less than eight participants, delivered Live Online. Contact Us for Scheduling Options>

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