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    Vulnerability Assessment for Businesses

    Vulnerability Assessment is a core attribute in any modern corporate inventory of best practices and is critical to monitor business continuity, sustainability, and competitiveness at a macro level. This activity is sometimes enlisted prior to a more robust Organization Assessment that results in detailed execution plans and change strategies. Uptake of the assessment is a good “pre-action” to ensure the focal point of future focused change is on target.

    Utilizing established best practices to identifying performance gaps in the organization, people, process, technology, and programs, as they relate to the enterprise and/or specific operational areas, our team of experts will draft a Risks and Assumptions Analysis, as a roadmap to clarity.

    Path-Forward Action Plans can be prescriptive, directive, and/or advisory based on the application of this assessment. The Risks and Assumptions Analysis will be delivered via a dynamic session with leadership, allowing for collaboration and knowledge transfer, prior to refining the path forward corrective, or avoidance actions.

    Vulnerability Assessment Implementation for Businesses

    Review Business Documents

    • Review Corporate Strategy and Operations Documents to validate goal to execution probability/capability, as related to the enterprise and/or specific operational areas.

    Interview Business Leadership

    • Interview Corporate and Departmental Leadership to discover the perceived vulnerabilities across the organization, people, process, technology, and programs, as they relate to the enterprise and/or specific operational areas.

    Business Risks and Assumptions Analysis

    • Generate a comprehensive Risks and Assumptions Analysis delivered via a collaborative session with leadership, to establish the next steps toward mitigating the now identifiable vulnerabilities.

    Why Vulnerability Assessment Is Important for Businesses

    Being proactive to avoid risk is a mission critical activity in any organization that values business continuity. The overt risks associated with enterprise and/or specific operational areas of business today, are more advanced than ever before. Before taking any corrective action on the organization, people, process, technology, and programs that make up the DNA of your company, it is imperative to identify the goal/value correlation, and thus, a Vulnerability Assessment “pre-step” to ensure the tightest alignment to the organization’s goals, is critical.

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