Talent Management

Talent Management has emerged in recent years as a cornerstone of the organizations Human Resource function and has overarching strategic implications.   AMS embraces Talent Management as a critical organizational success factor and leverages; acquisition, development and retention as the macro focus areas when developing enterprise wide talent solutions:

Talent Acquisition

  • Far removed from days gone by and boilerplate onboarding strategy, talent acquisition is now a sophisticated and fully integrated part of an organizations strategic footprint.  By promoting the involvement of management and a full build out of roles/responsibilities organizations can benefit from shortened ramp-up time, better moral and collaboration earlier in the employment cycle.  Creating attractive packages, dynamic working conditions, diverse collaboration and global opportunity all contribute to the “attraction.”  However, it is equally critical to build substantive screening and selection criteria in order to help hiring mangers fill the front end with the proper competency to ensure alignment of resources in the pool to existing and future business needs.   Our approach to this phase of the process is built around a scalable methodology and works hand in hand with existing software and other internal process to ensure optimization is being derived from the existing approach.

Talent Development

  • Training” employees is not enough to stay competitive in today’s market place.  The adage of the past was to become a “learning organization” the future requires companies become, “thinking organizations.”  The AMS approach to talent development encompasses various blended delivery models, supportive learning artifacts and scenario based curriculum development all delivered by senior level practitioners.  The development of your talent needs to provide “just-in-time” content but also “context” to promote immediate skills enhancement.  By using a toolbox of assessments and pre-evaluation work, AMS can fully customize learning paths for your talent or simply supplement and established Learning Group with content, artifacts and guidance.

Talent Retention

  • The loss of talent has sunken costs we will never fully be able to measure.  AMS understands the need to keep moral, productivity and engagement high, while lowering the cost of attrition.  Our employee engagement methods encompass multiple approaches to build participation, inclusion and diversity.

Best Practice Implementation Considerations


  • Definitive roles and responsibilities
  • Performance management strategy in place
  • Cross departmental talent plans developed
  • Strategic alignment between talent, succession and progression plans


  • Culture, competency and growth alignment
  • Agile and adaptive to a dynamic business norm
  • Creative, innovate and diverse
  • Global footprint


  • Non-inhibitive
  • Alignment between performance and HRMS systems
  • Project based, adaptive and scalable

 Best Practice Summary

AMS Talent Management strategies have helped organizations around the globe to realize optimal results. AMS can help to accomplish a seamless and collaborative exploration into this effort with our team of executive level experts to guide the way.


Customize your Consulting Experience

  • Leverage executive level practitioners
  • Benefit from benchmark research
  • Gain insight from cross-industry experience
  • Measure results via our project based engagement process
  • Collaborate within our teach/learn/apply approach

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