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Talent Academy for Businesses

Talent Academy is the benchmark of any Learning Organization, that is progressive, talent focused, and market driven with an understanding of what Agile Learning can bring to the workforce. Core elements of the Talent Academy are the Enterprise Organizational Learning Framework (EOLF) and Enterprise Organizational Learning Maturity Model (EOLMM). The EOLF and EOLMM work in tandem to optimize skills growth by creating a synergized connection between the work, the customer, and the business strategy by ensuring that skill sets are there when they are needed, and contributors can execute in a high performance and collaborative way.

Organizational Learning and Development

Organizational learning is no longer “event based.” Future focused learning organizations realize that “just-in-time” content, delivery, and knowledge transfer are critical to the learning mission. Learning styles, organizational culture, distributed teams, and market dynamics are forcing companies to create dynamic and agile learning environments by “integrating” the learning experience. Using technology, mobility-based distribution vehicles, career mapping, business simulation, learning tracks, and performance measurement methods, Organizations are increasing productivity, moral and lowering attrition all while exceeding customer expectations through high performance. The sum of any organization will always be weighted most heavily by the contributions of its people.

Cross-functionality between business, talent, human resources, and operations is paramount as it is the only way to create collaboration around performance and garnering a measurable return from the learning eco-system. Learning and Development leaders are tasked with the strategic implementation of a value-based learning concept. The skills internal to the Learning and Development groups (or sponsoring operations groups, like a PMO), within organizations are more akin to that of consultants, in the sense they will be responsible for learning needs analysis across functions, gap reporting, and solutions design, thus creating “just-in-time” customized platforms.

Talent Academy Implementation for Businesses

Enterprise Organizational Learning Framework

Enterprise Organization Learning Maturity Model

Future focused Learning Organizations are poised to capitalize on the changing talent market by preparing themselves within the core of their DNA (people, process, technology, and organization). It is upon this progressive mindset that they will be prepared to thrive in a disruptive and digital environment.  By embracing the culture of life-long-learning, these organizations will continue to retain talent, increase productivity, and sustain high-growth in the digital marketplace.

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