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    Extended Sales/Broker Management Best Practice

    Extended Sales/Broker Management (ESBM) is a collection of Best Practices, Organizational Models, Core Skills, Performance Measurements, and Cultural Guidelines. The ESBM catalog can be customized to fit your industry, organization scale, and growth vision. The benefits to deploying the underpinning elements of ESBM are realized through the optimization of your extended sales team.

    Extended Sales/Broker Management Consideration for Businesses

    An effective ESBM effort will ensure that your Sales Leaders are focused on the following considerations:

    • Established Value Stream Map (VSM), point of entry and compliance
    • Defined sales cycle/methodology
    • Product portfolio distillation and prioritization
    • Product knowledge enhancement and training
    • New product introduction
    • Special project, product, and market mandates
    • Market analysis and feedback cycles via knowledge management
    • Documented core sales internal/external workflows
    • Cascading Kaizen, CQI, LEAN, Agile methods
    • Internal/External Performance management
    • Established fixed product/service pricing
    • Established redemption models for commission and referrals
    • Client/manufacturer engagement models
    • Response cycle-time and capacity planning
    • Territory management logistics and protocol
    • Technology application, integration, and access
    • Communication planning
    • Rewards and recognition

     Organizational Models

    • Hierarchical
    • Methodical
    • Dynamic Collaboration
    • Autonomous

    Internal/External Core Skills for Businesses

    • Leadership
    • Strategic thinking
    • Systems thinking
    • Decision making/problem solving
    • Innovation and creativity
    • Communication and conflict management
    • Negotiation and influence
    • Business/industry acumen

    Business Performance Measurements

    • KPI’s
    • Market penetration
    • Incremental growth
    • Margin growth
    • Product diversity development/growth
    • Strategic alignment
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Personnel competency and productivity

    Business Cultural Guidelines

    • Respect
    • Empathy
    • Sincerity
    • Trust

    Why Extended Sales/Broker Management Is Important for Businesses

    The ESBM is a comprehensive set of Best Practices that will enable your internal sales teams to optimize their efforts through collaborative partnerships. This is a common relationship model to both bolster sales output, and drive market growth, while limiting the overhead of the sales unit. Managing, controlling, and directing the extended team is mission critical. A poorly run initiative can do as much harm as good, and ultimately constrain growth rather than bolster it. The above items are not meant to be complete, rather they are descriptive of the place to start this journey of sales maturation, within a future focused organization.

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