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    Big Data and Business Analytics for Knowledge Management

    Big Data and Business Analytics provides insight to strategic variables that are not visible at the operational level of the organization.  In some cases, a lack of visibility to how the data is being applied can cause a breakdown in how your teams gather, stratify and present it.  Widely accepted best practice in this space calls for “visibility” and context around the use of Data and Business Analytics.  In fact, business analytics should be the focal point of any organization when they think about “big data,” Knowledge Management, and the application of Generative AI.  The AMS approach to business analytics starts by connecting the purpose of the data collection to the driving desire to have it collected.  This internal education often times results in collaborative improvement and a higher degree of engagement throughout the process.    Many times, data collection is automated and then stratified via an algorithmic platform such as AI and machine-based activity.  In this case, AMS will help to ensure the variable control points are coded in sequence and relevant to the output as well as securing the human and technology interface.

    Big Data and Business Analytics Implementation Process

    1. Technology infrastructure
    2. Identification of critical data points
    3. Strategic alignment of measurable data points
    4. Finite skill sets around data collection, stratification and presentation
    5. Use of AI/AR and machine involvement with data
    6. Validation of wanted, needed, and critical data
    7. Business modeling of Integration of data output
    8. Environmental data impact points
    9. Continuous data refinement (CDR)

    Why Big Data and Business Analytics Are Important for Clarity of Purpose

    AMS can build a methodology and train your staff to leverage data and apply it to create strategic advantage.  The most effective way to leveraging our best practice is derived from a cross functional application of validating the requested data, modeling its application and validating its value.  Many times, organizations are burdened by too much data and ultimately gain little to nothing from what they have. It is the AMS belief that in any data project we must first determine the viability of what you are looking at, why you are looking at it, and then refine the vision with added perspective. With the onset of Generative AI, we now have an added tool to help with stratification and all of the elements of usability for our datasets.

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