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Bridge Selling System

Bridge Selling System

Bridge Selling System is a methodical approach to creating a fully integrated growth and service mindset, by leveraging a cultural shift toward Solution Selling within your sales teams. This “lean” toward a customer centric sales mentality will allow your organization to, not only close more sales, but retain more repeat customers as the sense of enhanced partnership will promote longevity in relationships.

Best Practice Implementation Considerations

  • Creation of cross enterprise behavioral service norms
  • Measure gaps in service and culture to promote improvement
  • Integrate process, technology, and measures to support the service and sales culture
  • Provide professional development training to compliment the service and sales culture
  • Create the sales and service toolbox for cross-functional contributors to leverage
  • Design service and sales measures to assess the cultural shift and impact on results

Best Practice Summary

Sales, marketing, and culture must integrate with the enterprise goals and strategy. The “new model” for growth oriented organizations captures the essence of growth through bespoke solutions, that are reinforced with outstanding service. Successful implementation of a fully integrated culture via the AMS Bridge Selling System can help your organization attract, secure, and retain new business.

Customize your Consulting Experience

  • Leverage executive level practitioners
  • Benefit from benchmark research
  • Gain insight from cross-industry experience
  • Measure results via our project based engagement process
  • Collaborate within our teach/learn/apply approach