Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the process of optimizing the shipment of goods and services from supplier to customer with the highest degree of value. The goals of SCM are to optimize production, decrease manufacturing time, minimize inventory, streamline order fulfillment and reduce cost. Today’s supply chains for mid and large companies span the globe, with suppliers and partners in multiple countries and multiple time zones.

AMS has assembled a team of executive level experts with a full spectrum of logistics experience.  However, it is not the logistics that sets this team above our competitors, it is there understanding of the “quality” roots that SCM was born from.  SCM technology and software support is only one side of the solutions picture.  AMS believes that without the organizational design and structure to support an enterprise effort it will surely fail. Explore all of the research…

Written by Jeff Stempien, PMP, CBAP 

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