Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking is a clear value, in a leader’s toolbox and should be a sought-after attribute on any team. How, then, can we further develop strategic thinking in others and ourselves? There are many ways, but three stand out and are highly actionable.

We all had it as kids but seem to have lost it in our increasingly task and process-oriented business environment where “Why” has fallen victim to “What, How, When and Who.” There’s barely enough time to keep up with the daily “To Do” without getting caught up in the “Why are we doing this.” But the consequence of losing the “Why” is clear – employees who see no connection between process and purpose feel process is purposeless: They become disconnected, disinterested and disengaged; not a good recipe for commitment and certainly not for curiosity.

To reverse this, build into your leadership practice what I call the “Why for What” reflex; for every important project or body of work you engage in or delegate, explain why it is important and how it connects with the organization’s vision and strategy. Ask employees to make that connection as well so they see the process of doing related to the purpose of doing. Begin your meetings with an examination of critical projects and their importance and then discuss their status; start with strategy, then go to tactics and task. Explore all of the research…

Written by Phil Ventresca, M.B.A.

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