Project Execution Plan (PEP) Development

In this solution Briefing we will discuss a Project Execution Plan Development Project that helped a university client gain grant approval.

AMS Briefing Code: 705

Briefing Description

One of the University faculty teams was invited to submit a full proposal to NSF Mid-Scale R1 application. As a part of the proposal, the team needed to include a Project Execution Plan (PEP), as described in Section 10 Supplementary Documents Section of the solicitation. AMS was contracted to collaborate to develop the requisite PEP for the creation of a unique set of research facilities to support the discovery and innovation of functional materials for quantum technology applications.  The functional approach of the facility is based on full-cycle computational to experimental materials discovery while utilizing the quantum device integration and performance as key feedback in the discovery process.

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A leading research university in the Southeast United Sates with multiple laboratories participating in ongoing research functions.


The center, known as the Quantum Materials Innovation Center (QuMIC), will leverage the expertise of materials synthesis, surface characterization, micro-/nanofabrication of quantum devices, and device packaging. Moreover, QuMIC will benefit from the expertise of its external investigators to develop state-of-the-art capabilities in computational materials discovery, quantum material synthesis, and scanning tunneling microscopy of quantum materials and devices.

QuMIC will be available to domestic and international researchers as a user facility. The data from the center’s operation and the full- cycle materials discovery approach will be shared with the community via an open-source platform to help advance the field of quantum technology.


The following approach was utilized to achieve the objective of a Project Execution Plan that met all NSF requirements:

  1. Review of all existing documentation for each laboratory
  2. Implementation flow chart

Create the Work Breakdown Structure based on the implementation flow chart.

Secure the cost and schedule information from the client and create a schedule and spending profile.

Complete all sections of the PEP including Executive Summary, WBS, Cost Estimating Plan, Baseline Budget & Contingency, Basis of Estimate, Integrated Schedule, Risk Assessment, Cost Monitoring System.


A comprehensive Project Execution Plan was submitted, meeting all necessary NSF requirements for a Mid-Scale Research Infrastructure -2 as stated in NSF 23-570 Program Solicitation.  The PEP, 37 pages in length with appendices, represents a thorough knowledge of state-of-the-art Project Management processes necessary to successfully complete a project life cycle from Initiation through Closing.

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