Process Reengineering

Process Reengineering can enable the integration of artificial intelligence, automation and lean operating structures designed into all critical workflows.

Project Description

Collect data on technical and business process in relation to the enterprise, strategy and execution models. This encompasses; PMO, CoEs, direct business units and all cross functional level 1,2 and 3 work flows. The objective was to map, model and set a path forward to accomplish current/end-state transformation, resulting in recognized optimization.


The Client is a world leader across a range of state-of-the-art technology for military and civilian government customers primarily in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the Middle East and Asia.


The client was seeking a more effective way to scale operational process while embracing work flow that would have compliance measures due to the footprint in a highly regulated and governmental space. Due to acquisition, growth and diversity in services the organization was experiencing redundancy, quality and cycle time failures within process and project based work. Additionally, cost was being enhanced due to legacy system integration and miss-aligned core competencies across the middle management staff.


AMS leveraged a best practice assessment process to establish a current operational norm baseline and then performed targeted data collection activity with both focus group sessions and digital surveys across business and technology LOBs. Upon completed data collection, core structure review and process observation, a stratified narrative and statistical report was generated to highlight gaps that could lead to breakdown based on pre-determined performance criteria. Upon completion of the survey, data stratification and recommended action plan, AMS was able to create a detailed project execution plan and share in the collaborative implementation of change based elements aligning to, people, process, organization and technology.


The client was able to transform strategic, operational and tactical business and technology process while maintaining an on-going work flow. This was enhanced with better alignment of core competency, an enhanced talent acquisition model and imbedded understanding of process flow which resulted in better training, measurement and on going improvement cycles.