Process Improvement

Process Improvement is a key element of progressive change in any organization seeking to embed a culture of innovation and efficiency.

Project Description

Work with our client to identify opportunities to improve the baseline best practices within the IT/PM/BA functions and assess gaps that may exist between best in class practices.


A leading HRMS Software Developer and Systems Integrator.


The organization was in the process of scaling all areas of the operation to accommodate growth. The need to maintain operational excellence while in the midst of change was critical as many global clients are relying on continuity of their application. Maintaining a steady stream of workflow and allowing for scaled growth was challenging as the people, process, technology, and organization were all experiencing growing pains.


AMS Sr. Consultants worked to identify the baseline of the individual process through on-site interviews, data collection, and applied experience. The baseline allowed us to accommodate the following:

1. Assess current state models for the IT/PM/BA process maps that were presented.
2. Create a strategic future state model for the IT/PM/BA process maps that were presented.
3. Design a gap analysis between current and future state models to allow for recommendations and a change strategy.
4. Design a “project” based set of recommendations to allow the clinet an ability to prioritize and select work packages in the order of need and capability.


The client was able to see where the critical areas of change were needed and then create a strategy to implement the needed deliverables. In the process they were able to embed a quality process that provoked on-going idea generation and innovation to produce continuous improvement opportunity. Upon completion of the gap analysis phase, this client will have a road map of change and can socialize that to begin the stakeholder buy-in process.