Marketing Strategy Analysis

Using Market Strategy Analysis to grow regional sales ROI in international regional areas, with limited budget allocation.

Project Description:

This project focused on increasing market share in the Caribbean Region with expectations to expand to international markets.


A manufacturing company was trailing in market share in the Caribbean Region. This region was projected for growth in the next 5 years.


The traditional mass marketing methods were not delivering the increase in market share. Total marketing budget for the region was $1M annually and the return on investment needed a lift. The executive responsible for the region wanted alternative options to invest their marketing spend.


Designed and implemented a market analysis of the region to determine additional methods to penetrate and increase market share with no increase in marketing budget. The outcome of the market analysis planned to spend 75% of the existing marketing budget and increase market share by 5%.


The executive responsible for the region worked with the team that produced the market analysis to implement the recommendations. The outcome was an increase in market share from 5% to 16% in one year. This result was unprecedented in company history. The market analysis methodology was leveraged throughout the global regions.