High Performance Culture

A “High Performance” culture is one that supersedes all micro cultures that and organization may operate across.

Project Description:

AMS was called upon to cerate a strategic framework that could accommodate a shift in the enterprise cultural norms.


World’s largest banking institution crossing 62 countries.


A group of global executives were brought together to create a globalization strategy that reached beyond cultural norms into organizational optimization. The focus of this team was to identify cultural and behavioral expectations that could be level-set in multiple operational regions.


AMS created executive forums and facilitated them in Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA), North America, and Asia Pacific (APAC) to highlight cultural and behavioral norms but more importantly to generate an understanding of cultural intelligence. A set of best practices was built to embrace communication, project management, conflict resolution, and strategic thinking interactions between regions. Core competencies were then aligned and built via a scalable training solution.


The organization was able to realize greater levels of autonomy in region, which resulted in quicker decision making, more innovative thinking, and risk mitigation. This was realized through an increase in productivity and lowered attrition in multiple regions.