Leadership Development Program (s) are a key success factor in any developing organization that is digitally transforming and operating in a distributed model…

Project Description

AMS was called upon to establish a level of cultural intelligence and risk mitigation strategies across the growing number of distributed teams.


The client is an international manufacturing firm with operations in six countries and 23k employees.


The organization was faced with rapid expansion and attrition due to a transitioning/retiring executive workforce. Additionally, they were challenged with a global work force requiring varied levels of leadership development and inclusion training.


AMS created a stage gated educational and development plan which included a leadership assessment, gap analysis aligned to job function and baseline competency as well as crafting customized best practice and intellectual property to align with the organization’s strategic initiatives.


The organization was able to establish an internal benchmark for the leadership competency while crafting performance metrics and career paths for developing managers. In addition, the structure of the program led to a reduction in attrition and a boost in overall productivity due to inclusion and visible paths for each associate. These solutions were rolled out globally and delivered via on-site, distance and consulting vehicles. The program was adopted by all divisions and is still the base line for the organizations leadership development training.

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