High Performance Teams

High Performance Teams are at the center of industry leading organizations and drive the initiatives that lead to the accomplishment of enterprise visions, within the context of the corporate vision and culture.

Project Description

The objective was to build a customized executive workshop focusing on the attributes of High Performing Teams. The output of the workshop was structured to initiate action within the newly formed core leadership team, to initiate collaboration, seek out synergy, and take action on the objectives necessary to meet their annual goals and strategic directives.


The Client is the industry’s premier hospitality consulting and taskforce firm.


The client needed a rapid development program to enable the newly formed strategic leadership team to come together, collaborate quickly, and begin designing solutions that would stabilize operations and initiate actions against strategic objectives. The firm works in a distributed hybrid model, across a set of global clients, thus contributing to the need to have best practice for robust communication and collaboration in a timely way. All of this is backdropped by rapid growth and expansion of their service offering portfolio.


AMS senior consultants mobilized quickly to gain knowledge of individual contributors, the current business model, and the desired future state of the team and organization. The firm immediately engaged in an iterative process to develop, validate, and present a workshop that drove immediate skills transfer, best practice considerations, and induced cross functionally across the wider team.

Critical steps to the solution implementation included:

  • Stakeholder meetings to ensure the objectives for the session were aligned and focused on agreed outcomes.
  • Focus group interviews to learn about the end user challenges with collaborating and need for organizational support systems.
  • Draft design of the workshop for validation with the above cohorts.
  • Delivery of the workshop as planned.
  • Follow up with the stakeholders to ensure success and to create a path forward for other developmental plans that included an Organizational Assessment, Executive Coaching, and other sessions within the Learning Track.


The client realized an immediate clarity around the need for improved communications, adoption of High-Performance Team attributes, and an understanding of how the team can share in the strategic projects necessary for success. Additionally, each team contributor was able to identify individual areas of growth and aligned a personal action plan to hold themselves accountable for trajectory set in the session. At a corporate level the executive leadership was able to observe the inner workings of the team, and evaluate talent plans, strategic project assignments, and future roles & responsibility adjustments, as part of the team and company maturation process.