Foundational Sales Skills

Foundational Sales Skills is a baseline learning platform to reinforce the critical aspects of the sales and service mindset in a “Solution Selling” environment.

Project Description

AMS was called upon to create a baseline sales training program to support three cohorts of High Net-Worth Financial Advisors across a global enterprise.


The client is one of the largest retail Financial Services Advisory firms in the world and is held under the umbrella of the largest bank.


The client was challenged after a merger to create a culture that was both service and sales oriented. The leader of the Advisory Business group had a goal to not only build the baseline of high net-worth clients, but also the need to establish better retention numbers. During a turbulent time in the industry, with high degrees of compliance changes, and economic stress, this effort was even more difficult to accomplish.


AMS understood the challenge and was able to promote the “gap” as an opportunity to not only meet the stated objectives of the training, but also to help the firm bring together two varied cultural norms. The training program was structured to promote the core skills of Solution Selling, and tie back to the concepts of collaboration, innovation, and strategic alignment. The training program was customized to capture process and technology, with a solid slant toward Change Management and core skills development. Three cohorts were involved and each was delivered with a blended experience that incorporated onsite training, digital learning supplements, and follow on coaching.


In a six month follow up, we learned that retention had been reduced significantly across the merged sales teams and the core client base was showing a shift toward High Net-Worth vs. open market uptake. This proved that the solution was enabling a partnership mindset and more critically, the clients were recognizing elongated value in the relationships.