Facilities Management is a set of Best Practices that help to guide the safe, efficient, and sustainable aspects of our commercial space…

Project Description

AMS was called upon to create a refined Facilities Management project plan that would guide the move to a “ground up” design/build, eco-facility, focusing on the tenants assets, talent, and technology.


The client is a leading Government Defense/Technology Contractor.


The client needed a supplemental project plan to ensure that the daily operational aspects of the tenants could continue without interruption. Additionally, much of the client’s work was of a classified nature and a level of awareness to that had to be considered as each floor, tech center, and talent cohort was transitioned into new space.


AMS experts collaborated with company team leads, engineering representatives, and design/build contractor PMs to build a fully integrated “asset” transition Project Plan Supplement (PPS). The PPS was validated and introduced into the critical path of the design/build program. Execution of the PPS was driven in step with the overarching program and was designed to be managed independently to ensure adherence and continuity. The PPS took into consideration all of the environmental, ergonomics, and human resource needs as defined by the client.


The client realized a seamless and iterative move of the core operations units and thus was able to maintain 100% productivity over the transition cycle. Due to the PPS each cohort of talent, technology infrastructure pack, and hard office asset was able to move just as needed and when it could be accommodated. The PPS also met the needs of a high level compliance standard that allowed the client to remain active with all of their core projects.

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