Digital Transformation crosses all aspects of an organization and the sales data management area is a key to the analytics needed to make decisions…

Project Description

AMS was called upon to assist leadership with the initial project definition for a digital transformation of the sales and data management group.


The client is one of the leading insurance companies in the world with offices located regionally and leveraging a broker network to sell its services.


The client was in need of a sales management structure that would allow for real time data collection from sales performance metrics and then help regional sales managers to translate that data into usable information. Ultimately, the company wanted to increase sales production through the utilization of best practice and technology.


AMS created a current state model for the management team to leverage while assessing the data that was useful to them. This data was then examined and aligned with critical success factors for both the management team and sales staff. AMS was able to identify redundant process and measurement criteria that enabled the team to reduce double work and the amount of data they had to evaluate each day. AMS then designed a dashboard that ran behind their Outlook interface which contained the best practice, current sales goals and upcoming promotions.


The organization benefited from having all critical decision making and sales goal data accessible in one place. This resulted in more accurate assessment of markets and ultimately, sales person productivity.

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