Conflict Intervention

Conflict Intervention is never an easy task and executing a portfolio of strategic projects can be difficult unless synchronicity and harmony are restored.

Project Description

Design and implement an intervention strategy to help the Board of Directors and ancillary executive teams to align with the global strategy and rehabilitate several enterprise initiatives that were failing in support of accomplishing the organizations goals.


One of the world’s largest personal and property casualty insurance company.


Global Human Resources was challenged to create a strategy in alignment with the board of directors edict to position autonomy in various regions without disrupting the organization’s hierarchy as it pertains to diversity and inclusion. Conflicts in agendas, misreads on the strategic direction, and project breakdowns were plaguing the execution and time to market ability of the organization.


AMS facilitated several individual and group forum’s to help both the board of directors and global HR leaders to define the underlying challenges related to the transformation. Once all of the data had been collected we were able to perform a goal/value analysis to better align strategic initiatives with project based execution strategies. Additionally, specific coaching and developmental activities were run in correlation to ensure both competencies and relationships were intact to optimize the output and performance. This 360 degree approach to organization performance ensured a smooth integration and reduced conflict proactively.


The organization was able to meet competitive market expectations by bringing new products to the forefront of the portfolio in a more expeditious way. Most importantly they were able to capitalize on the deeper market penetration because the talent pool was already collaborating in a meaningful way, thus reducing conflicts that could have arisen from territory and ego disputes.