Client Service and Culture

Client Service and Culture are at the core of the most successful and progressive organizations globally, because they drive brand continuity.

Project Description

Design and deployment of a clinet service program that would shift the enterprise to a customer centric operational model.


The client is an international manufacturer of industrial air filtration components.


The organization was seeking to implement a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) initiative. This initiative involved not only the back office system, but all of the core process to drive a clinet centric service initiative. The people, process, technology, and organization were all impacted by this fully integrated transformation to a market driven and client centric structure. The challenge presented itself thorugh scalability, change management, and talent development. The functional aspect of the shift was further complicated by the need to modify cultural norms in parallel.


AMS consultants developed a unique learning model that captured key customer concepts as they related to the organization in alignment with industry best practice. These up-skilling sessions were delivered globally with the backdrop of the refined cultural norms and supported by key executives to reinforce the future focused business model. After each session, business leads were challenged to promote the new norms with micro training and group development sessions. Additionally, the performance criteria was changed to reflect a higher weighting on customer satisfaction within the feedback cycle.


Just one month after the program’s completion, the organization was seeing a marked improvement. Their internal processes are improving as well, as their internal customers become introduced and bought into the concepts of CRM. Over time the organization realized lower turnover, raised attitude, and most critically customer service ratings were amongst the highest in the firms history. The key takeaway was that a fully integrated customer program with cultural support was a key to branding success.