Business Analyst Best Practice

Business Analyst Best Practice (BA) Best Practice Design Is key to executing within an Agile or Project driven environment.

Project Description

AMS was called upon to build the core BA best practices to support the BA/PM function across the enterprise.


The client is one of the world’s largest financial services organizations with global offices.


The organization was seeking to gain project efficiencies by adopting a formal business analyst function to liaison between information technology and the business community.


AMS created custom learning to help the organization emphasize the synergies and identify the delimitation between systems analysis and business analysis. The custom curriculum was designed with consideration to the learning culture, as well as industry best practices and standards. Correlating scorecards were developed so that the organization could continually measure direct business impact from the training.


The client was able to successfully roll-out business analysis programs across the enterprise. Significant gains were observed through reduced rework as a result of clearer requirements on a tactical level. At a strategic level, business decisions were enhanced by an increased level of alignment in the project selection process and at various stage gates in the integrated BA/PM methodology ensuing that the project portfolio maintains maximum alignment with the strategic planning efforts.