Joseph Raynus

Joseph Raynus, Principal Consultant – Practice Advisor, at Advanced Management Services, Inc. (AMS), an Organization Development, Training, and Consulting firm with over 25 years of global experience.

As a Principal Consultant – Practice Advisor, Joseph’s focus at the firm is on strategic program management, organization development and performance improvement with a concentration on large projects, business analysis, and enterprise systems/process optimization.

Joseph is a noted speaker, author, trainer, and consultant who brings a unique blend of practical hands-on experience with innovative ideas and solutions to solve for real-world challenges within complex environments.

He has facilitated large-scale organizational change, designed and led comprehensive training programs, managed multi-million-dollar technology projects, and mentored to different levels of management. His strong track record of success in producing the paradigm change and organizational transformation.

He helped people to make transition which has been an unrealized goal for a long period of time. He also assisting organizations incorporating agile methodologies to business strategies, leveraging industry best practices and academic resources.

Joseph teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses at the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts.

He is a frequent speaker at industry events and the author of several books, including Software Process Improvement with CMM (Boston, Artech House,1998) which is also available in Japanese and Chinese languages.

Joseph’s book “Improving Business Process Performance: Gain Agility, Create Value, and Achieve Success (NY, Tailor & Francis, 2011)” was recognized by the KPI Institute as one of top ten books in Business Performance Management and Operational Performance Management categories in 2013.

His latest book “Agilizing the Enterprise” (NY, Tailor & Francis, 2018) blends concepts and their application in a comprehensive and clear presentation of how mastering of visionary leadership, strategic innovation, managed resilience, and organizational agility improve solution delivery and sustain enterprise performance.