Design Thinking

Course Code: AMS2077

Learn how to use creative strategic thinking and solve complex business problems. Design Thinking has been traditionally used to find technology or creativity related solutions and is often required in situations where the quantum or end result is poorly defined. In recent years, it has been adopted by businesses to find new solutions in an increasingly competitive product and service landscape. There is a premium requirement to build these skills and innovate ahead of the market curve and this workshop helps delegates to consider how they may both build and develop these capabilities.

Delegates will have an opportunity to expand their problem solving ‘toolbox’ and examine or visit alternative methodologies that will help them to understand and embrace solution driven concepts as well as apply best practices to broaden their problem solving horizons.

Duration: variable, see below

Content Learning Themes

  • Understand Design Thinking Background and Context
  • Explore the Design Thinking Process
  • Apply tools and Techniques for Design Thinking

Who Should Attend

Professionals who are seeking to enhance their thinking and decision making skills would benefit from this course.

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